01/07/2014 – Minister Deenihan publishes a Draft National Landscape Strategy for Ireland 2014-2024

Minister Deenihan publishes a Draft National Landscape Strategy for Ireland 2014-2024


Jimmy Deenihan, T.D., Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, today (1st July 2014) published a draft National Landscape Strategy for Ireland 2014-2024.

The National Landscape Strategy will be used to ensure compliance with the European Landscape Convention as ratified by Ireland in 2002 and to establish principles for protecting and enhancing the landscape while positively managing its change.  It will provide a high level policy framework to achieve balance between the management, planning and protection of the landscape by way of supporting actions.

The strategy contains six core objectives which focus on developing appropriate landscape policies dealing with landscape character assessment, education, awareness and strengthening public participation. These objectives are in turn supported by nineteen actions in the strategy dealing with these areas in detail. The core objective of the Strategy is to allow for the sustainable management of “change” and is not about the “freezing” of the landscape at a particular point in its continuing evolution while anticipating and managing challenges between present and emerging land uses.

Minister Deenihan said: “I am delighted to announce that the government has approved this draft National Landscape Strategy.    One of the main objectives of the strategy will be to assist in the achievement of greater consistency in decision making across the country when dealing with issues of landscape.”   The Minister added: “Landscape needs to be addressed in an integrated, cross-sectoral manner to ensure its sustainable management.   This Strategy lays down the basis for this into the future.”

The primary role of planning authorities and the consultative roles of other bodies in relation to issues governed by the provisions of the Planning & Development Acts are not affected.   The Strategy will be subject to screening for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment (AA) as required and is now open for public comment or observations which can be sent to Built Heritage & Architectural Protection, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Custom House, Dublin 1 or nls@ahg.gov.ie by 8th August 2014.



The Draft National Landscape Strategy can be viewed at this link:



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