10/09/2013 – Minister Deenihan launches linked Logainm Resource at the National Library of Ireland

On Tuesday, September 10th the Linked Logainm resource was launched by Mr. Jimmy Deenihan, TD, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht at the National Library of Ireland.

Linked Logainm is a collaborative project undertaken by the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI), INSIGHT@NUIGalway (previously Digital Enterprise Research Institute DERI), Fiontar at Dublin City University, the National Library of Ireland and the Placenames Branch of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

The Linked Logainm project has created a new open dataset, which allows Irish place names to be linked across the world by cutting edge technologies developed in Ireland.

Speaking at the launch Minister Deenihan said :

“I wish to congratulate all of the project participants – The National Library, The Digital Repository of Ireland, Fiontar at Dublin City University, INSIGHT@NUIGalwayand the Placenames Branch of my Department, for the work which they have put into this project.  I am genuinely pleased to launch this digital resource, which will contribute to the promotion of our Placenames data as a resource for researchers including educators, students and genealogists as well as for heritage institutions including museums, archives and libraries, nationally and internationally.

“This project which will also serve as a model  for the use of open and linked data is an excellent example of how modern ICT can be deployed to aid, inform and educate as widely as possible.”

The new Linked Data version of the authoritative bilingual database of Irish place names logainm.ie is an open resource which can be widely used by web developers, computer scientists, researchers, the heritage community and librarians and archivists.

Logainm.ie is an online database containing over 100,000 Irish geographical names generated by the Placenames Branch of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, and the database is being developed in collaboration with Fiontar, DCU. The Linked Logainm dataset is of potential use to any person, project or institution aiming to make content relating to Irish places available on the Web. The publication of logainm.ie data in a structured, computer-readable format allows its value to be re-used by computer scientists, web developers, the heritage community and information professionals. The project document “Using the Linked Logainm Dataset” provides use-cases and examples for those who are interested in working with the Linked Logainm data, and who have some technical experience.

The project also built the Location LODer website, an interactive map where visitors can explore Irish place names, linked with historical context and maps, images and contemporary data.

Location LODer was constructed using linked data technologies by INSIGHT@ NUIGalway and DRI, and gives an interactive introduction to the potential of the Linked Logainm concept. Linked Logainm data and a Google maps interface allow users to explore content from a range of digital resources relating to locations across Ireland. Users interact with a map of Ireland, navigating by county to discover pins which highlight relevant content for towns, villages, cities, rivers and streets. Clicking on the pin loads the available digitised content for the place, which may be sourced from logainm.ie, Wikipedia, the National Library of Ireland’s Longfield Maps collection, the Irish Historic Towns Atlas and Europeana.eu. My Location LODer allows the user to gather interesting source material, and to email links to their bookmarked content to other users.

Visit Location LODer at http://apps.dri.ie/locationLODer/ and logainm.ie at www.logainm.ie


For more information about the Linked Logainm project partners please see:

Digital Repository of Ireland – www.dri.ie

Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) – www.deri.ie

Fiontar at Dublin City University – www.dcu.ie/fiontar/gaeilge/index.shtml

National Library of Ireland – www.nli.ie

Placenames Branch of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht – www.chg.gov.ie/en/Irish/ThePlacenamesBranch

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