FOI Padraig Pearse surrender letter

Papers released under FOI in relation to the Padraig Pearse surrender letter put for auction in December 2016


“- Copy of all correspondence, memos, emails, reports and/or briefing papers held by the department relating to the upcoming (now recent) sale of the original Patrick Pearse 1916 surrender letter by Adams Auctioneers.
– The query should relate to documents held within the year 2016 only.”

FOI Request AHRRGA-FOI-2016-160


” – Copies of any reports, recommendations, memoranda relating to possibility of buying Padraig Pearse surrender letter. Copies of any briefings prepared for the minister relating to above.
– Copies of any representations received by your Department relating to the above.
– Copies of any correspondence both written and electronic between your Department and any other government Department relating to the above.

FOI Request AHRRGA-FOI-2016-161


“any records concerning the Padraig Pearse surrender letter recently auctioned by Adam’s.
The application is to cover two periods: 2005 and 2016.”

FOI Request AHRRGA-FOI-2016-163


“all department records relating to
• The sale of a letter of surrender written by Patrick/Padraig Pearse on April 30th, 1916.
• Briefing documents prepared for the Minister relating to same.
• Correspondence between Adams Auctioneers and/or its agents and the Department in relation to same.
• Minutes of Departmental meetings relating to same.”

FOI Request AHRRGA-FOI-2016-166


“copies of all records relating to the decision, announced December 19th, to add a surrender letter written by Pádraig Pearse in the aftermath of the Easter Rising to the Register of Cultural Objects, under Section 48 of the National Cultural Institutions Act, 1997.”

FOI Request AHRRGA-FOI-2016-168


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