Corporate Governance & Services

Corporate Governance & Services – Functions and Services

The Corporate Governance and Services Unit is responsible for:

  • Implementing enhanced corporate governance structures within the Department and promoting enhanced corporate governance arrangements among those bodies funded from the Department’s Vote.
  • Progressing the Public Service Reform Programme across the Department and promoting the implementation of the Public Service Reform Programme among those bodies under the aegis of the Department.
  • Co-ordinating the Department’s response to Government in relation to the Department’s obligations in respect of the Programme for Government, the Action Plan for Jobs, , the Public Service Management Act and other Inter-Departmental policy areas.
  • Supporting the work of the National Famine Commemoration Committee including the organising of the annual National and International Famine Commemorations.
  • Provision of staff accommodation, and maintenance and security of the Department’s buildings.
  • Supply and delivery of the Department’s needs in terms of office supplies and services.
  • Development and co-ordination of the Department’s policies in respect of corporate issues including Risk Management, FOI, AIE, Customer Service, Data Protection, , Protected Disclosures, Child Protection, the Irish Language Scheme, Gender Equality, Records Management and Cultural Tourism.
  • Maintenance of the Department’s asset register.
  • Developing and overseeing implementation of the Department’s workplace health and safety policies in line with relevant legislation.

Corporate Governance & Services – Accessing our Services

  • The Corporate Governance and Services Unit provides information to the general public and internal customers of the Department and bodies and responds to queries received by post, email, and telephone. The division also processes requests for information submitted under the Freedom of Information Acts and AIE regulations.
  • The unit may be contacted by telephone or e-mail – https://www.chg.gov.ie/about/contact/ – and all services are provided free of charge, other than any statutory fees arising from Freedom of Information or other statutory regimes.
  • Dissatisfaction with the actions or responses of the unit may be pursued through the usual customer service channels- https://www.chg.gov.ie/about/customer-service/ – or, if necessary, via the Ombudsman. Appeal procedures in relation to Freedom of Information and Access to Information on the Environment requests are communicated to all applicants.

Corporate Governance & Services – Classes of Records Held

  • Records relating to the administration of the Corporate Governance & Services Unit;
  • Records relating to Governance issues
  • Records relating to policy matters falling within the remit of the Unit
  • Records relating to operational matters including:
    • Divisional business plans and risk registers;
    • The business of the Department’s the Management Board;
    • General briefing material and correspondence;
    • Annual reports and strategy statements;
    • Customer service charters and action plans and customer complaints;
    • Requests made to the Department under the freedom of information and data protection legislation and AIE regulations;
    • Health and safety
    • The Department’s Assets Register.
    • Procurement, maintenance and payment for accommodation, utilities, office equipment and supplies.
  • Personal information, including personal details of:
    • Individuals who submit requests to the Department for information under the freedom of information acts, data protection legislation, or AIE regulations;
    • Guests invited to the National Famine Commemoration;
    • Individuals who submit complaints to the Department.
    • Suppliers of goods or services;












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