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The Department acknowledges the fine art and cultural heritage of the country by providing the capital infrastructure for the National Cultural Institutions, as well as influencing the development of the private sector cultural industry through appropriate financial support for projects supporting the cultural infrastructure in Ireland.

Core Policy Goal

To enhance access to and to recognise the social and economic role of the arts, culture and film sectors in Ireland by promoting and encouraging artistic expression, cultural awareness and participation, through an appropriate policy, legislative and resource framework. provide a capital infrastructure for the National Cultural Institutions.

Supporting Objectives

  • To develop a detailed, integrated policy which will create and sustain involvement in the cultural sector and will encourage access and participation having regard, inter alia, to Government, EU and North/South policies.
  • To progress the cultural capital programme as set out in the National Development Plan and the Programme for Government within the financial resources available.
  • To improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the mechanisms delivering State support for the cultural sector through the various State agency structures.
  • To enhance the collections of the national cultural institutions that are collecting agencies and access to these.
  • To service the requirements of the Government’s Commemoration programme established under the auspices of the Department of the Taoiseach.

Key Issues

  • To review the National Archives Act, 1986;
  • To oversee the completion of the capital projects of the National Cultural Institutions to meet their accommodation needs and to improve the level and quality of services to the public;
  • To develop and establish strategies in consultation with the cultural institutions concerned to address their future maintenance and capital development needs;
  • To encourage the cultural institutions to maximise their appeal to the general public and, in particular, to young people, the socially disadvantaged and visitors from abroad.

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