Gaeltacht Language Planning Areas

The Gaeltacht Act 2012 provides the statutory framework for undertaking the language planning process on a coordinated basis. It is expected that the public, the voluntary sector, the public sector and the private sector will work together to support the Irish language in the various geographical areas to be recognised under the Act. The language will be supported as the community and family language of the Gaeltacht and of other areas outside of the Gaeltacht through the preparation and implementation of language plans at community level. Údarás na Gaeltachta is responsible under the Act for supporting organisations with regard to the preparation and implementation of the language plans in the Gaeltacht Language Planning Areas

The purpose of the language plans will be the strengthening of language usage in the context of family, community, education social, business and public affairs.

Organisations are given up to 2 years, from the date on which Údarás na Gaeltachta selects the organisations, to submit a language plan to the Department for approval in line with the prescribed language planning criteria. Information regarding the selection process is available at www.udaras.ie

List of the 26 Language Planning Areas and Maps
Geographical makeup of the 26 Language Planning Areas

Notices have been published regarding, and the process is currently underway in, each of the 26 Gaeltacht language planning areas. See copy of the notices here: liosta-de-fograi-na-lpt

16 language plans have been approved under the process to date (November 2019).

Copies of the approved language plans are available at: http://www.udaras.ie/en/an-ghaeilge-an-ghaeltacht/pleananna-teanga-ceadaithe/

Once a plan has been approved by the Minister under the Act, organisations will be given 7 years to implement the language plans with assistance from Údarás na Gaeltachta. The Department will periodically review the implementation of the plans during the 7 year period.


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