McHugh welcomes budget allocations for the Irish language, Gaeltacht and Islands for 2016

Minister of State for Gaeltacht Affairs, Joe McHugh, T.D., has welcomed today’s (13 October 2015) budget and the indicative allocation to the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht for the Irish language, Gaeltacht and Islands functions for 2016.

The Minister of State has indicated that a total sum of €44.206 million will be provided to the Department for the year 2016 for the Irish language, Gaeltacht and Islands functions. In addition, €13.201 million will be provided for the Language Body. These are indicative figures which are subject to the Estimates being approved in due course and subject to the agreement of the North South Ministerial Council in the case of the Language Body.

The Minister of State said: “I welcome this funding being provided to my Department for the Irish language, Gaeltacht and Islands functions, particularly the increased amounts available for the 20-Year Strategy for the Irish Language and for the islands. This allocation ensures that we will be in a position to continue to achieve our main priorities and to deliver a wide range of important services to the public.”

The Minister of State also said: “I welcome the allocation for Teach an Phiarsaigh which will enable us to build the new visitor centre in Ros Muc and also the allocation of €250,000 for delivering An Teanga Bheo, the Irish-language strand of the Ireland 2016: Centenary Programme.”

Referring to Budget 2016 in general, the Minister of State said: “I welcome the positive approach of the various provisions of the budget to further improve and reinforce the recovery that can be felt in the country’s economy. We are all aware of the cuts and suffering felt for the past number of years while the Government was grappling with the worst economic crisis in the history of the State. These cutbacks were necessary to protect our economic independence and it may be said that it is as a result of the sensible economic strategy implemented by the Government in all budgets since its election that we have now reached a point where we can see a healthy expansion and growth in our economy and that everyone’s standard of living will improve as a result.”

The Minister of State also said that he is pleased that the provision for Údarás na Gaeltachta, the Office of An Coimisinéir Teanga and the Language Body (Foras na Gaeilge and Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch) will enable them to fulfil their statutory functions in 2016. In conclusion, the Minister of State said: “With regard to the capital allocation for Údarás na Gaeltachta, I intend to seek further funding for the Údarás under the Revised Estimates process.”

Further details of the allocation for 2016 are available in the appendices below.

Appendix 1: Estimates for 2016

Irish Language, the Gaeltacht & Islands (Programme C) *                        €44.206m (+2.7%)

Irish Language, Gaeltacht & Islands 2015 2016 % Change
Current 33,346 34,339 +3%
Capital 9,717 9,867 +1.5%
Total 43,063 44,206 +2.7%

North South Cooperation (Programme D)

An Foras Teanga/The Language Body 2015 201 % Change
Current 13,444 13,201 – 1.8%

* Administration costs (pay and pensions) are included in these figures.

Appendix 2 – Breakdown of the current allocation for 2016

Current Programme

Irish Language, Gaeltacht & Islands  €000               
C.3 GAELTACHT SUPPORT SCHEMES              6,000
C.5 AN COIMISINÉIR TEANGA                 670
C.7 ÚDARÁS NA GAELTACHTA – CURRENT              3,000
C.9 ISLANDS              6,631
C.10 20-YEAR STRATEGY FOR THE IRISH LANGUAGE 2010-2030                 1,000
 Total * €29,624
*not including pay and non-pay administrative amounts for the Department.
North South Cooperation €000

Appendix 3 – Breakdown of the capital allocation for 2016

Irish Language, Gaeltacht & Islands €000 
C.3 GAELTACHT SUPPORT SCHEMES              1,422
C.4 IRISH-LANGUAGE SUPPORT SCHEMES                    95
C.8 ÚDARÁS NA GAELTACHTA – CAPITAL 5,687             
C.9 ISLANDS                 644
 Total €9,748


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